Licht 4x4
$200.00 - $400.00

LED Whip Lights

LED Whip Lights

This product is made from high quality material backed by our 12 months replacement warranty.

- Pro RGB Colours
- 200 Different Modes
- Spiral Design for 360 Degree Lighting
- Bluetooth & Remote Connectivity
- Indicator and Brake Light Harness
- 12 Months Warranty
- Water Proof

The Box Includes:

- 2 LED Whip Lights
- 2 Quick Disconnects
- 2 Flag Pole Hooks
- Install Instructions
- Remote & Wiring Kit

Not Included:

- Remote Battery
- Inline Fuse Holder required for installation.

Products that are installed with out a 10amp fuse will void warranty. All products must be installed as shown in the instructions.

We do not take returns of any whiplights that have been installed, if your whip is fault we will replace once proven it is a manufacturing fault.